Flieral’s Philosophy

Dynamic Content Delivery Management System

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The idea of this business is to dynamically manage the delivery of media from a source to the medium destination which is where the average user interacts with. To achieve this goal we work in collaboration with Announcers (The creators of the media) and Publishers (The owners of the mediums, such as Apps or Websites). Through this process we maintain a Dynamic behavior which would allow the delivered content to be flexible.


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Flieral’s Services

We Empower Websites and Application to Build Revenue from Relevant Distributions

Distribute Anything

Serves custom media units, widgets, or notifications to meet your unique monetization needs.

Media Exchanges

Manage multiple media networks with our field partners. Fill an impression, click or etc with the most valuable network first.

Dynamic Behavior

Simultaneous observation of changed media settings with the ability to acquire content through restful API.

Plan Media

Reserve inventory by creating a media plan with a few clicks. Once it sells, convert it to a campaign instantly.

Distribute Anywhere

Deploy media to any placement on mobile apps and more. Targeted by user segments and/or triggered based on user behavior.

Yield Management

Maximize your yield by enabling your direct sold campaigns to compete against real-time bids. Choose from a variety of media units.

Flieral's Features

Flieral is an API-based media distributer server that provides the infrastructure for media networks, publishers, communities, marketplaces, and utilities to customize and scale distribution. We support banners, video, native, and custom units.

Serve Any Media, Anywhere, At Any Capacity

Real Time Suggestions

Providing effective suggestion based on statistical analysis result and virtual estimation, which could help with the efficiency of the announcer’s campaigns and publisher's placements.

Various Bidding Types

Offering Focus on Click (CPC), Focus on E-Click (ECPC), Focus on Impression (VCPM) and Focus on Conversion (CPA & CTA) among the many available varieties of bidding types currently in use.

Targeting Solutions

Allowing the both announcers and publishers to take into account preferences configuration based on their content while using filtering and/or enhancing for their campaign audience selection process.

Platform Independency

Integrating with the best-performing providers and not limiting the use to exclusive exchanges or networks.


Offering a wide variety of placements for the announcer to choose based on their requirements and the expected behavior of their target audience.

Behavioral Targeting

Automatically add an interest for a user when they click or convert on a categorized media units.

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