Who are Announcers?

Entry Point in Wide Digital Distribution

Announcers are creators and owners of the distributable media. We understand the need for figuring out the right platform for any type media and we aim to assist you in this process through our services. We even go further and guide you in finding new opportunities in other platforms.

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End Users

Dynamic Content Entry

Simultaneous content entry to the Flieral engine with the help of the restful API. This ensures a reliable and simplified process.

Real-time Control

Simultaneous observation of changed media configuration settings through the customized configured features available in announcer’s panel.

Statistical Analysis

Providing statistical data based on the announcer’s requirements which assists the process of decision making throughout their campaigns.

Virtual Estimation

Estimation of expected responses to the Announcer’s configuration before Campaign launch, based on analysis provided by the engine.

Help & Support

Providing constant, 24/7 support for the Announcers and creating effective solutions based on their instructional needs.


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Want To Work With Us?

We are enthusiastic when it comes to Media Distribution. Collaborating with our peers in this business guarantees an even smoother process and a more productive outcome. To this end, Flieral is proud to invite businesses and out of the box thinkers eager to Exchange Media to join us and collaborate with us. For more information contact us.


Flieral is an API-based media distributer server that provides the infrastructure for media networks, publishers, communities, marketplaces, and utilities to customize and scale distribution. We support banners, video, native, and custom units. Serve any media, anywhere.

Real Time Suggestions

Providing effective suggestion for the announcer based on statistical analysis result and virtual estimation, which could help with the efficiency of the announcer’s campaign.

Various Bidding Types

Offering Focus on Click (CPC), Focus on E-Click (ECPC), Focus on Impression (VCPM) and Focus on Conversion (CPA & CTA) among the many available varieties of bidding types currently in use.

Targeting Solutions

Allowing the announcer to take into account preferences configuration based on their content while using filtering and/or enhancing for their campaign audience selection process.

Platform Independency

Integrating with the best-performing providers and not limiting the use to exclusive exchanges or networks.


Offering a wide variety of placements for the announcer to choose based on their requirements and the expected behavior of their target audience.

Behavioral Targeting

Automatically add an interest for a user when they click or convert on a categorized media units.

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